Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Shoppe... How About Some Jewelry?

And we've already made it to Wednesday. That means the end of the work week is in sight and I've been dreaming about anything but working in the corporate world for the past few days. A couple of posts ago (It's "Favorites Friday" | Food and Such), I mentioned that I was interested in venturing into a little online shoppe - other than my Etsy one - which I do have some pieces ready to add to. :o) Anyways, I'm thinking of selling jewelry... but first I wanted to see what you thought. There is a lot to choose from, so I want to start off with costume jewelry and slowly add some silver pieces. Here a few of the pieces I was thinking:





All very affordable - everything I've shown here is under $50! Any thoughts? Let me know below in the comments and hopefully I'll be selling them soon. Anyways, another busy night, trying to wrap up Assignment 1 of my university course and of course, watching Survivor. Talk soon!

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