Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me and My Pinterest... The Nursery

Just when I thought things would slow down... we got a puppy! I will be posting pics within the week! In the meantime, I thought I'd do one of my favorite posts, what's up on my Pinterest. The other day I posted on my personal Facebook, to get a puppy or not get a puppy... The response was actually not that surprising, many people said have a baby! The hubby and I have been married for two years and together for ten, so we are very used to people asking when the baby will be arriving. And, while there are no plans in the making (heck, we've got our whole lives ahead of us), I do have a Pinterest board dedicated to "when I have kids". So, until the day comes when we actually choose the baby rather than a puppy, here are a few nurserys that are to die for:

Blue Skies Baby Bedding.


Charm Home - Chase's Nursery.

Project Nursery.

Interior Design for the Bedroom.



Okay enough of the baby talk. While I do have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to when I have kids, it's still not time for anyone to get too excited. We are not onto the baby talk yet and don't plan to be for a while. And for those of you have been following my Pinterest for a while now, know that I have had that board the whole time... which I'm sure has been close to a year already. So, it's all in preparation for the day when we are ready. Until then, we will stick to our new puppy Hank, who I can't wait to show you and I'll try and be back tomorrow for a Favorites Friday, but just in case I get caught up in life, have a great weekend out there!

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