Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm a Terrible Blogger!!

Okay, I've got a few posts lined up that I've been wanting to write but I'm just a terrible blogger these days! Between looking at houses, people wanting to look at ours, Ryan's grandpa not doing well, our biggest tradeshow coming up for work and the holidays, I've been battling to even find sleep, let alone blog! So, I thought I'd at least pop on and say I'm sorry! I've been wanting to blog all week and haven't had the opportunity. We currently have four people wanting to see in our home, three of which called yesterday! It's been absolutely hectic, but I'm hoping it will all pay off and we'll get the home we've been looking at. Other than that, this week brings more chaos, I now attend the local fair meetings, putting in my year before being officially welcomed on to the board. Then, another stop to see family and grandpa, then it's off to Vegas. I've been trying to squeeze in some phone time with my bestie in BC, but I just can't seem to manage. As well, one of my good friends in town is looking for a girls day and I won't be able to squeeze it in. Err... I hope this is not signs of what to expect for the rest of my life! It seems that life gets crazier and crazier and there has been no time for martha.anne! Okay, so I've said my hi, filled you in on the super busy life and now I gotta go. But, I hope to blog this week... Actually, I need to - it's such a stress reliever and allows me to relax. In the meantime, happy Easter weekend... I hope you enjoy the time with the family, I know I will!

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