Thursday, March 1, 2012

And the Pins Continue...

I was going to do a before and after tonight, but thought I'd change it up and post my last five pins on Pinterest. I haven't had a lot of time on it lately and I really miss it. I can't wait for life to slow down... then again, I don't think it ever will! On the upside, today brought exciting news. As my "work" day came to a close I was asked to travel to San Francisco! I've never been so excited, only I wish the hubby could join me. The problem is, we just bought his plane ticket to join me in Vegas when I go on my other "work" trip. Hmm... We'll see if I can bat my eyes enough to get him to come!! :o) After all, it was only a couple of weeks ago when he said he wasn't going to Vegas again this year... and look at the plans now. Anyways, onto my post, here are my last five random pins on Pinterest:

1. FREE printable labels, templates, cards, etc... Gotta check it out!

everything etsy

2. DIY "Love" Dry Erase Message Board.

a content housewife

3. Amazing open kitchen & living room.

laura lee clark - interior design

4. Simple gray bath, curtain and sconces.

flickr - margot austin window shower

5. DIY Pillow Mattresses.

no rest for the creative

That's it - if you follow me on Pinterest, I apologize for the lack of amazing pins! ;o) And before I forget, we have news on the home front. It turns out if we sell our home, we'll be homeless... okay, not so much. But, the house we had our eye on didn't work out so now we're continuing the search! And, yes... back to the idea of building! Eeks... it's the never ending roller coaster. Anyways, I'll keep you posted. Have a great night.

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