Friday, February 24, 2012

It's "Favorites Friday" | Etsy Shoppes

The beloved etsy shoppe. Yes, I have one - no I haven't added any products to it yet. But, hopefully by the end of this year, I think that's a reasonable goal, don't you? :o) Okay, so as promised, I will make an attempt at a Favorites Friday post, today's topic being my five favorite etsy shoppes at the moment. Here goes:

(1) The Nest UK
Some of the most amazing pillows and decor for the home,
here are three of my favorite items they have right now:

Burlap Beach House Starfish Sea Star Pillow Cover
Home Burlap Banner Bunting
Linen Ruffle Lumbar Pillow Cover

Sometimes, it's a good thing we don't have kids or I'd be broke!
These are absolutely adorable jackets, every kid should have one...

Kids Fantastic Little Fox Coat
Kids Coat: Cheeky Green Dinosaur
Girls Teddy Bear Coat in Pink

(3) Made by Nanna
When it comes to purses, I had a few favorites,
but this store won my heart tonight with plenty of colours to choose from.

Yellow and White Chevron Carry On Hobo Bag with Burlap
Navy Blue Striped Weekender Hobo Bag with Burlap
Green Tapestry Hobo Bag Boho Chic

(4) M Bart Studios
A little different, but for some reason I find these
clay artworks absolutely amazing. I think I want one. ;o)

Clock 9x9 Simple Modern
5" Dish Rumi Quote
5" Dish I Cherish You

(5) Sukan
And because we all know how much I love pillows,
this shop is a dream come true, it was hard to pick just three.

Sukan / Yellow Flowers, Gray Linen Pillow Cover
2 SET - Plant Linen Pillow Cover
Kite Pillow Cover
Etsy, the beloved market place of homemade goods. Check it out and get lost in all of the great finds for hours! Nothing beats a rainy day on the couch, curled up by the fire, still being able to browse through the many unique gifts that are out there. I hope to have my Etsy Shoppe: TheMarthaAnne open soon, maybe that will come after we move into our next house. Be sure to check back often!

Have a Great Weekend!!

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