Friday, January 27, 2012

It's "Favorites Friday"!

A late night post, today was a "snow" day where I live (more like ice), but I decided to take the day off from work... well at least the corporate world work. But, I worked all day at renovations and right now our bathroom ceiling has been gutted and doesn't exist!! We are putting in all new drywall and a fan... after this there are only two more big projects (trim upstairs and new kitchen counter tops) and we're putting the for sale sign in the front lawn. Our goal is next weekend, but I keep telling Ryan that it's going to be at least another week! Anyways, I thought I better not leave you without my Favorites Friday post, so here goes. Today, I'm going to do my five favorite latest pins on  Pinterest. I know, another post from Pinterest but you don't understand, I'm totally addicted. Here they are:

1.  Open Shelves in the Kitchen
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
2. Absolutely Amazing Family Room
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
3. I Wish I Was Brave Enough - Black Wall
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
4. Now this is an Eat in Kitchen
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
5. Definitely Nothing to Do With Houses - I Love this Outfit!
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Totally random, I must do my Favorites Friday posts off of Pinterest more often!! :o)
Have a great weekend out there!!

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