Monday, January 9, 2012

And the Renos Continue...

I think I forgot to tell you that over the XMAS break we decided that we were going to sell our house no matter what in Feb/Mar and that meant the renos would continue. I can't wait to have this house finished - all new floors were laid on the second floor over the weekend and my husband continues to finish the newly renovated laundry room. From there we have the second bathroom to finish and a few smaller details before we are done! I can't wait and I especially can't wait to show the pictures!! Even better, we may have found a house to buy - we decided not to build just yet - and we go to take a peek this weekend! I will definitely have to keep you posted on the outcome. Until then, I'll be working away and here's a sneak peak at what we've done in one of our rooms since we bought the house. :o)

The front entrance into the foyer...
(And our dog Dallas)
The door to the garage.
The hideous closet doors!!!

And beautiful blue...

Even the trim matches ;0)
New doors, floors and paint! (Minus the trim)

Trim is starting to be put up...

And the only photos I have at the moment of it finished!
(My wedding)

And the finished room!
I will get you more soon... and better pics of the foyer as well. 

Happy Monday!

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