Monday, November 14, 2011

My First Blog Post.

Hi There,

I am new to the blog world. I am hoping to continue on this path, so bear with me as I learn to excite and entertain through writing. I have a strong passion for design, the interiors/exteriors of homes and cooking. I'm starting this blog in hopes that it may just lead me towards the dream I'm chasing - a full-time career exploring my creative urges - creating whatever appeals to me that day. But of course, in the meantime I will keep my full-time position as a Marketing Coordinator in the corporate world. Also, fulfilling the odd design job from a quaint home desk (I won't say office because I don't consider it an office, just a corner of the room dedicated to my stuff).

As I continue to write, look forward to some amazing recipes that I aspire to cook, pictures that inspire and allow me to dream of another world just slightly out of my reach and some of the pieces I will be creating to sell in small hometown world. As I continue to build on my blog, create a product line in my bare walled etsy shoppe and work towards redoing my facebook fanpage, please keep reading and I hope you'll find inspirations in the pieces that mean the most to me.

Oh and keep your fingers crossed, maybe someday I will be able to make this my living... working from the comfort of my cozy home, sipping on a warm tea and taking in the calmness that surrounds me. Until then, that is me...

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