Friday, November 18, 2011

It's "Favorites Friday"!

I'm going to start a trend for Friday postings. As a new blogger, I'm hoping I'm not committing myself to too much here. If all goes well, every Friday or so, I am going to provide a list of five. Whether it's five websites, blogs, pictures, ideas.... anything that inspires or excites me. So here goes...

This week is going to be my Five Favorite Pieces of Furniture
(courtesy of

1. An old crate end table.

2. A glass hutch for the bathroom.

3. An antique finished dresser.

4. An old armoire for storage in a main room.

5. Old dressers with lots of drawers - two together is fabulous!

And that's my list for "Favorites Friday", I hope you come back next week to see more. Oh yes, and have a great weekend everyone - I think we'll be putting up the Christmas lights outdoors!

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