Monday, November 21, 2011

Dreaming of a New Home...

Stone Residence 1 traditional exterior

What a long Monday back to work. On top of a day at the office, my husband has lost his wedding band and we spent the evening searching the yard and gardens, with no luck. The metal detector we borrowed isn't picking up anything! So, as disappointed as we are, I knew I still had a blog post to make. So, tonight I thought I'd make a quick post and introduce you to one of my favorite new websites: Now, before you go, I must warn you - you are going to fall in love with the interiors and exteriors of many homes. This website is amazing and allows you to save pictures to your own idea books. It's fun and it allows me to dream of a house we may someday build. So, while I venture out to take another look for my husband's wedding band, go ahead and take a peak at one of the dream worlds I I live in. :o)

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